HX-213D Super Transparent Slitter

Purpose: Application to slitting BOPP sealing tape/glass paper tape.


  1. Fully automatic alternately winding with four axes and continuous winding, which and promote work efficiency.
  2. Inverter step less speed regulation, provided with 3-section counter, with which automatic, deceleration for stopping is possible during high-speed operation. 
  3. Unwinding tension controlled with pneumatic brake, winding tension adopts dual control, provided with clutch and independent sliding unit for unwinding axis that can adjust the tension freely.
  4. Provided with curved stretch roll that can effectively stretch the base material.
  5. Automatic labeling function, flat-cable-type edge rewinding function, -sound silencing and insulation function. 

Main Technical Parameters: 
Effective Width1.0m 1.3m 1.6m
Max. Unwinding Diameter800mm
Min. Slitting Width12mm
Machine Speed0-230m/min
Cutting Tool0.2*22*60mm
Total Power5HP

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