HX-216 Air Knife Stationery Tape Slitting Machine

Purpose: Professional for BOPP sealing tape and adhesive tape stationery tape slitting.

Features: Four shafts automatic exchange of winding three section type counter control reduce, labeling and smooth stopping accurate accounting. They ensure the finished tape uniform edge by pneumatic controlling unwinding and independent slip winding roll Pneumatic knives for producing easy-broken stationary tape.

Main Technical Parameters:
Max. Slitting Width1.0m 1.3m
Min. Slitting Width10mm
Max. Semi Products Diameter600mm
Max. Rewind Diameter150mm (4shafts) 300mm (2shafts)
Slitting Speed180M/min
Production20000 (about 1000 kg)/8H
Operating Voltage380V
Total Reactive Power4KW
Straight Pipe Diameter25.4mm
NET Measurement2300*1300*1600mm
NET Weight1500 kg

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