HX-680A One/ Two/ Three Layer Laminating Machine


Applicable to optical film such as enhancement, diffusion, reflective, film and adhesive category, electrostatic film; adhesive categories such as double-sided adhesive, foam plastic series and off the film, release paper and other materials bonded strip.


Operation control: Microcontroller program control (LED man-machine interface can be used for operation input);

Tension mode: Manual tension control mode (optional automatic tension, LED man-machine input);

Tension control: Magnetic particle tension control;

Slitting mechanism: The upper and lower round cutters are used for slitting and the high precious needs to be controlled by precise knife pad;

Transmission mechanism: AC motor frequency conversion speed output, the use of pressure wheel segment feeding;

Length mechanism: Encoder pulse measuring section;

Edge processing: Using fan blowing edge or slip type, AC slip motor winding;

Electrostatic elimination mechanism: Ion generator, electrostatic elimination.

Main Technical Parameters:
Maximum Effective Width of Raw Material1300/1600mm
Maximum Effective Diameter of Raw Material
Maximum Diameter of Fitting Material
Maximum Effective Diameter of Reel
Core Diameter of Cooling TubeΦ3"
Minimum Slitting Width≥25mm
Mechanical Speed0-120m/min
Slitting Accuracy±0.2mm
Use Power7.5KW
Use Voltage380V/50HZ
Air Pressure Source5kg

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