HX-701C Large Single Shaft Coiler


Suitable for BOPP textured paper, double-sided tape, Kraft paper, cloth, Mylar, foam, 3M gold finger, green belt, optical film, EVE, PE, PVC, PET protection film roll cutting.


CNG System: The use of 7 inch true color touch screen, Chinese and English operation interface, all data processed by PLC centralized, high degree of automation.

Slitting Width Positioning: Servo system precise positioning, and with ball screw to achieve continuous high-precision transmission. The machine can automatically complete 10 kinds of cutting specifications and the manual corner action without stopping the machine.

Cooling System: The cutter adopts the vacuum water spraying device, the silicon cools, avoids the cutting knife viscose, guarantees the cutting operation to be smooth.

Feeding System: According to customers and materials, servo and hydraulic control feeding system can be used to ensure the quality stability of cutting materials.

Power System: Garden knife and spindle frequency step less speed regulation, according to the cutting needs to adjust the rotation number.

Cut Count: Single type specifications cut count, no time period cutting  total amount.

Main Technical Parameters:

Maximum Slitting Diameter250mm
Maximum No of Slitting Rolls35cuts/min
Cut Inner Diameter of Paper Tube (Optional)Φ32-Φ38-Φ76.2
Effective Slitting Width1-1350mm
Cutting Accuracy±0.1mm
Spindle Motor Power3HP/2.2KW/4P
Power of Round Cutter Motor3HP/2.2KW/4P
Diameter of Round Cutter Motor300mm
Input Voltage380V/50HZ
Machine Size (L*W*H)2300*600*1500mm

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