XH-802 Double Shaft Rewinder,


Suitable for rewinding transparent sealing tape, double-sided tape, masking tape, foam tape, kraft paper tape, medical tape, cleaning paper tape, various tapes and related materials.



1. Two-stage length setting, accurate coiling length. When the set length is reached, the servo motor control is adopted to automatically exchange the two axes.
2. Using high-performance programmable controller, the overall rewinding operation is extremely easy to control. Length counting and tension control are LED touch screen.
3. Adopt air pressure paper tube fixing design, the paper tube is firm, the loading and unloading is simple and fast, and the efficiency is greatly improved.
4. Automatic tail paper leveling device (optional) can eliminate the phenomenon of wrinkling or air bubbles after rewinding. To ensure smooth and smooth rewinding of the finished product.
5. Hydraulic feeding mechanism (optional equipment) provides simple and easy raw material and feeding operation.
6. The pressing wheel is controlled by a cylinder, and the pressure level is adjustable. Press the semi-finished product properly to ensure that the semi-finished product is extremely smooth and smooth during the rewinding process.
7. Automatic labeling device (belongs to optional equipment)

Main Technical Parameters:

Machine Width
1.0M 1.3M 1.6M
Rewinding Width Scope
Max. Unwinding Diameter
Max. Winding Diameter
Max. Rewinding Speed
Paper Tube ID
38, 42, 76.2mm
Motor for Principal Machine
5 HP*2
Adopted Air Pressure
6 Bar

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