QHBD-N Automatic Computer Control Thin Blade NC Slitter Scorer


NC Thin Blade Slitter Scorer machine is used for slitting and scoring on the corrugated paperboard. It is fully controlled by computer, automatically change order, improve the production efficiency. Order change fast, order change time is 3~8s. 

Technological Parameters:
Width1600 ~ 2500 mm
Design Speed200 m/min
Working Speed160 m/min
Order Change Time3s~8s
Order Change Precision±0.5 mm
Knife & Score5 slitting knives, 8 score lines
Min. Slitting Width310 mm
Min. Box Height0 mm
Web-guiding Scope±100 mm
Min. Box Cover Width100 mm
Machine Size3680*1650*2340 (mm)
Power16.25 kw

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