QHSF-320C/ 360C/ 380C/ 405C Fingerless Type Single Facer

◆ 380S Design Speed: 200m/min

◆ 405S Design Speed: 220m/min

◆ Effective width: 1400mm-2500mm

◆ Corrugated roller:φ380mm/405mm

◆ Fingerless vacuum suction type single facer, the upper and lower corrugated roller made of 48 CrMo alloy steel, with harted treatment, the hardness is above HRC58o -60o The surface is well treated by grind and plated chrome.

◆ With preheater for liner paper and steam spray device for medium paper.

◆ Upper and lower corrugated roller are unit assemblage, the whole corrugated rollers group can be move and quick replacement, to change flute type quickly.

◆ Glue section are unit assemblage, whole section can be moved by track, save maintenance time.

◆ Adjustment for corrugated roller, pressure roller, and glue roller by pneumatic system.

◆ Frequency conversion motor as main drive , independent gear box connect with three gimbal axis, Inverter to make stepless speed regulation for save power, and to keep one communication connector for production management.

◆ Oil immersed type lubricating to reduce noise keep running stable, prolong the use life of gear.

◆ Adopt Glue width motorized dividing to match the paper width. Idle running motor for glue applicator roll to avoid glue dry. Adjustment for gap between glue roller and doctor roller by electric or manual are optional, Digital read out for the gap between glue roll and doctor roll is optional.

◆ Bearing for corrugated rollers and pressure roler adopt high-temperature lubricate grease to keep running smoothly and durably

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