QHCT-Double NC Paper Board Cutter (Computer control with alloy spiral knife)


QHCT-Double NC paper board cutter is mainly used for the transversely cutting of the corrugated paper board, single-face paper board, industrial paper board. It is connected to the high or middle-speed 7-layer, 5-layer, 3-layer corrugated paper board production line and single-facer line. It has high working speed and high cutting precision. The Computer control system use German servo control technology. The technology is advanced all over the world. The machine can cut different length paper board at the same time.

Technological Parameters:
  1. Working Width:1600mm ~ 2500mm
  2. Max. Cutting Speed: 100 ~ 250m/min
  3. Cutting Length: 500mm ~ 9999mm
  4. Cutting Precision: ±1mm
  5. Power: 7.5kw ~ 60kw.
  6. Width of the Production L:ine: 1600,1800,2200, 2500mm
  7. Speed of the production Line: <250m/min

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