QHCT-Single Paper Board Cutter (Computer control with spiral knife)


QHCT-single series NC paper board cutter is mainly used for the transversely cutting of the corrugated paper board, single-face paper board, industrial paper board. It is connected to the high-speed 7-layer, 5-layer, 3-layer corrugated paper board production line and single-facer line. It has high working speed and high cutting precision. The Computer control system use German servo control technology. The technology is advanced all over the world.

Technological Parameters:

  1. Working Width: 1600mm ~ 2500mm
  2. Max. Cutting Speed: 100-250m/min
  3. Cutting Length: 500mm – 9999mm
  4. Cutting Precision: ±1mm
  5. Power: 7.5kw - 15kw.
  6. Width of the Production Line: 1600,1800,2200, 2500mm
  7. Speed of the Production Line: <250m/min 

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