QHFG-S Folder Gluer Machine


Semi-auto Carton Gluer Machine is mainly used for the glue of the carton. It can glue for 3-layer, 5-layer, 7-layer paperboard and so on. The machine structure is easy, working is stable, operation is simple, production efficiency is high, gluing quality is good, production cost is very low. The cost is 15times lower than steel wire stitcher machine. 

Technical Parameters:
Max. Size (L+W)*2
2460 mm
Min. Size (L+W)*2
340 mm
Max. Size (W+H)*2
1515 mm
Min. Size (W+H)*2
240 mm
Paperboard Feeding Height
900 mm
2.2 kw
Mechanical Speed
40 m/min
Machine Packing Size
4.5*1.95*2.0 m
Machine Weight
2000 kg

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