SJ-45 Model Biodegradable Film Blowing Machine

Performance characteristics:

1. Screw Diameter: 45mm

2. Gear Box: 146 model

3. Main Motor: 15kw, with inverter

4. Winder Station: Center rewinder, 2 layer, each layer with air shaft and

with inverter

5. Air Blower: With inverter

6. Die Head: 30-120mm, customer only can choose one size die head.

7. Die Head with Cooling

8. Screw with 3 zone cooling, and with air blower

9. Air Ring: Double lip air ring specially air ring only for biodegradable film

10. With 5 pcs inverter

11. Electrical: Schneider

12. Temperature Controller: Shanghai

13. Motor: Siemens beide

14. Spare Parts: Tool box and others

15. Machine Size: 6800×1400×2300mm

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